Friday, 15 June 2018

Summer Manicure Ideas 2018

Summers gone dull wanna brighten it up a little ??  Then I have some great ideas to paint your nails this summer, from floral to minimal. If you're into fashion and makeup then you are definitely always looking for nail arts but if you're not and you think it's not something you can do then let me make it easier for you to paint your nails. I'm sharing few of my nail arts from summer manicure series I've done on instagram.

What you need:- A good base coat and top coat. I suggest wet n wild fortifying base coat and essence the gel look top coat, these are budget friendly. And if you wanna buy expensive then go for opi natural base coat and top coat. You can use any kind of polish to paint your nails but I generally use gel nail polishes. 

1. Coral floral nails 

Flowers in summers are the sight to the sore eyes and so is this one. I think this mani covers everything we want in summers.. Bright color and flowers. Although it's easy but you need to be patient and precise while doing this. You can watch tutorial Here .

2. Monotone 

This mani was an accident, I was trying both colors after buying and ended up doing all nails, finished it with silver nailart tape and top coat. And this stayed 4 days with a little wear off from edges on 4th day then I got bored and removed it. I didn't do any tutorial on this as it is very easy to do you can follow these steps:-

Step1:- paint your nail with lighter color and let it dry completely. Otherwise you'll end up peeling it in 3rd step.
Step2:- cut a piece of tape and apply covering half of your nail. Paint rest half with darker color.
Step3:- remove tape, apply silver nailart tape and finish it with top coat.

3. Tri-color ombré 

Ombré is one of my favourite kind of way to get nails done. There's no tutorial for this but I've done ombré nails tutorial which you can watch Here . You can paint base white and use these 3 colors on sponge for ombré effect.

4. Classic maroon and blings

This is the easiest and quickest way to get classy, elegant and effortless manicure. You can watch tutorial Here . 

5. Big blue blobs

Another easy and effortless nail art. I absolutely love this one because it's kind of therapeutic watching color spreading until it can. You can watch tutorial Here and follow instructions mentioned with tutorial.

6. Lavender ombré 

I absolutely love lavender and I did this mani 3 times in last 6 months. These looks so gorgeous and this one is also easy to do. You can watch tutorial Here .

7. Pink half nail mani

This one is super easy and quick mani to do. You can follow these steps:- 

Step1:- paint your nails with base coat and let it dry completely.
Step2:- apply a piece of tape on the top half of your nail and paint the rest of your nail.
Step3:- remove tape, apply top coat, finish it with rhinestones.

8. Starred mani

As I lost my nails to my dearest vacation, I don't have big canvas to paint. And also I was in water for 4-8 hours a day for 10days my nails need healing time. So I'm doing a minimal manicure series on instagram and this mani is part of it. It's really easy to do this one as well. All you need is star glitter polish or dry star nail glitter. Paint your nails with base coat, stick star glitter on your nails, finish with top coat and you're done!

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See you soon with my next post.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Glamrada collaboration announcement

Hey guys.. hope you all having a good week.

I'm so pleased to announce that I'm collaborating with GLAMRADA official and let me tell you all a little bit about them and how they work.

So, Glamrada is an online beauty community where one can read & review skicare & makeup products, share honest opinion with brands & fellow members of the community. Anything from a regretful purchases to a new obsession. Depending upon how active you are, you could be a part of their trial squad, where you get to test products from the featured brand for free & in turn you are expected to write a genuine review on their website.

Instagram : @glamradaofficial
Facebook: @glamradaofficial 
Twitter: GlamradaO

I suggest you all to visit their website for genuine reviews.
See you guys.. take care till next post !! 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Colorbar 30 Days Growth Booster Mascara

Hey guys, 

Posting after the longest time.. and it's a product from my recent purchases from @mynykaa ..Although i bought this colorbar growth booster mascara a month ago but wanted to give it time before giving my final views. So most of you know I was on vacation for 10days and I wore this mascara every single day from 5-7 hours and there are pros as well as cons so I cannot recommend it. I'm writing down everything about it  and let you decide if you wanna buy this mascara or not.

Packaging:- Comes in a silver classy packaging. Priced 825INR for 8ml.


My Experience:-
I'm absolutely in love With the brush, it naturally separates each lash, coat them individually and make them look fuller ( depending upon the amount of lashes you originally have). For I have decent amount and length of lashes it looked really natural and great.

Mascara is not meant for giving volume and length so don't expect that it just makes your original lashes look polished.

Most importantly It prevents lashes from falling while removing.. so for me no lashes fell during removal, Which is great I think for a regular mascara user like me, loosing lashes on daily basis because of mascara removal is huge disappointment. So even for a second if you consider it is not boosting your growth, it is not taking your lashes off so basically your density of lashes will increase eventually 

Mascara stays put upto 5 hours, after that it starts falling off a little with every touch. And after 6-7 hours you can notice flakes under your eyes. 

What I hated most about it is it's not even a tiny bit water proof.. I mean literally.. I've used washable mascaras all my life but they don't come off with water unless you rub your wet eyes but this one comes off and cover your face with each splash of water.

Although it's doing what it claims, I wish it was a little water proof like other mascaras. But I think it's good as it doesn't have chemical for adherence.. So finally I've no opinion if you're ok with cons you can go ahead and buy it.

Take care until next time.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Gel nails at home without UV lamp

Hey peeps.. its been long time since I wrote any post so here I'm, solving a big issue of every girl's life " long lasting manicured nails " . I've been giving a lot of products try from long time and found out best ones which doesn't burn holes in your pocket as well. 
So let's get into it..

What you need: 
1. Wet n Wild MegaLast The Saving Base Fortifying Base Coat ( 299inr for 10.5ml)
2. Any gel nail polish of your choice. I picked this odiva gel finish nail polish in shade singing canary. ( 300inr for 11ml)
3. Essence the gel nail polish top coat. ( 349inr for 8ml)

1. Prep your nails for manicure, remove cuticles, file and buff.
2. Apply thin layer of base coat, apply another thin layer of base coat and let everything dry completely. I generally give 2-3 hours for base to set completely. Of course it dries super quick but still in general a polish takes 2-3 hours to set completely so I give it that. 

3. Apply thin layers of nail polish of your choice.. no more than 3 coats else it will take long to set completely. Take break between layers, let each layer set before you apply another layer.

4. Apply top coat only after everything on your nail is a little bit dry. Let it set and you're done.

This is the final look I did because I don't like wearing my nails plain so I added rhinestones and golden pearls. 
Hope this helps. Have a great day guys !!
Will be back soon with a new post.
Take care till then.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Essence Studio Nails XXL Nail Thickener Review

Hey lovelies, hope you all having a great day. Its been long time since i reviewed anything (except last one) but i'm back and i'll be sharing a lot of reviews and ideas and beauty related stuff. So about today, i'm reviewing this nail thickener from essence cosmetics which I've been trying and testing from past one month and i finally gathered all pros and cons of this product.

I got it from Nykaa in INR 249 which i think is very affordable. Packaging of product is exactly like the other regular nail polishes there's nothing different i can tell you about.

About the product, i just love this nail thickener its kind of holy grail product for people having fragile nails. Consistency of the product is very average (neither runny nor drying), dries super quick, works great as a base coat. I tend to apply 2 coats of this to achieve desired dimension to my nails also two coats feels just right to support my extremely flexible nails and this dries within 5 mins which is really great. It has highly glossy finish exactly like acrylic nails. Only thing i didn't like about it is it is yellow tinted, so it won't work if i go for some sheer nail polish.

1. Dries super fast.
2. Support brittle nails.
3. Boosts nail growth.
4. Provides thickness to your nails.

1. Yellow tinted.
2. Availability ( i don't know if you can get this in offline stores, online you can get)

Although my nail growth is quite good, i feel it has contributed in nail growth as well.. if you are a person who likes her manicure on point without visiting salon so often, i think you should definitely go for this one.

I'll be back soon with new post.. till then take care !

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Essence the gel look nail polish top and base coat review

Hey guys !!
Hope you having a great weekend.. 
I always wanted something similar to get that perfect saloon look nails without using UV lamps because what I feel is sooner or later it will affect my skin around nails. So I was browsing on nykaa and I found these super affordable and amazing the gel nail polish top and base coat from essence cosmetics. 
I bought these a while ago, and waited and tried several times before giving my final views on both. I've finished half bottle both already and definitely ordering new ones soon.
Actual price of these is INR 349/- each, but I got these on discount and each costed me INR 275/- 🙈🙈

The gel look nail polish base coat:- 

Honestly.. this one is actually very tricky product to use. It takes more time than usual to dry and even after drying it remains a bit sticky may be because it's a gel base coat. It is a non glossy and does not impart any color after application. It works great exactly as the brand claims if and only if you let it dry completely before applying layer of polish. And if you don't let it dry completely.. well... you can watch your manicure ruined just by doing hairs or changing clothes. 😛😛

The gel look nail polish top coat:- 

So, get ready for salon look gel mani at home with this one. Dries super fast, gives your polish an extra boost of shine and gloss for long time. Comes in a silver, non see through bottle( may be to save it from the uv radiation present in light). I cannot see any con in this one except it is quite similar to xxxl volume gel look polish by them so why price hikes ?? There is difference between them but not as much as the price difference !! 🙈🙈

Conclusion:- I'll definitely both again. Both of these are works amazingly for me. Must have product for manicure lovers. 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel Tube Review

Hey guys !!
Sorry for being MIA from last couple of months, but I'm back with reviews tutorials and everything everyday.
So today I'm reviewing this giant tube of aloevera gel from @thefaceshop .. 1st thing 1st, I absolutely love using products from @thefaceshop and I will be buying and trying more products from them. 

🌱 Price of this is 390rs, I got this for 330rs on discount and if you buy it right now from @mynykaa , you will get it for 275rs for 300ml.

🌱Tube is huge and contains too much amount that it will last for almost 2-3 months as you need very small amount at a time. It spreads so easily, you need a pea size drop at once.

🌱 Quantity is good enough as compared to price, infact I think it's quite cheap for such good brand and quality.

🌱 Texture of gel is exactly like aloevera gel you get from leaf.. it's sticky until completely absorbed.

🌱 Water based gel so might not suit if you have dry skin. You can mix a few drops of facial oil and apply.

🌱Extremely hydrating, makes skin super soft and supple.

🌱 If you have acne prone skin, then let me tell you.. I generally get 2-3 pimples every month and it's been 20 days using this and I didn't get any kind of bump on my face 😁😁 so for me, it's working great and I think you should also give it a try.

Only thing that looks really suspicious to me is ingredients list.. they are claiming that 99% of 300ml is true aloevera gel and list is suggesting otherwise 😂 but I'm ignoring it because it's working great for my skin. And I'm definitely keeping it in my skin care regime for at least next two or so years. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

The body shop strawberry shower gel and gel lotion review

As winters are knocking on our doors, we are out looking for best skin care products to become our saviour from this rude and unforgiving weather. We need really gentle products in winter to keep our skin moisturised and before that not stripping off moisture from skin while bathing, so both products are supposed to be gentle on skin. I really love using gel over soap bars, in bars I don't go experimenting I generally buy from some certain brands only. So I was thinking to try out shower gel from this brand as I've never tried any from the body shop.. I use body butters and lip balms but never gave a thought to try shower gel. And then I got this cute little pack as a gift 🙈 .. so that's how here I'm sharing my experience with these new loves.

Packaging:- Comes in small see through bottles, both bottles and similar and easy to carry.  I'm definitely keeping these to refill and use while traveling. Quantity they have is very less so these are great buy if you are looking for trial packs or if you wanna carry these in cabin bags. Caps are sturdy and closes with a tick, so there's no chance of leaking or breaking. Each bottle contains 60ml of product, which will last almost 6-7 days.

Price:- no idea as it's a gift.

My experience with the body shop strawberry shower gel:- first thing first.. amazing edible smell.. 😁😁 my main concern was keeping my skin moisture in place, I wanted something that do not strip off moisture completely leaving skin flakey and itchy. This shower gel did a great job, leaves skin fresh and soft. Strawberry smell remains for 20-30 mins unless I apply moisturiser. Texture of gel is like every other shower gels. I love trying out different bathing and body care products, so I'm gonna try more from the body shop instead of buying bigger versions.

My experience with the body shop strawberry gel lotion:- oh I love love love this one 😍, I keep it in my hand bag all the time, it dries super quick keeping moisture intact and smell lasts for long time. Texture is like strawberry yogurt and it looks like that only. It won't work in harsh winters because consistency is a thin, it's more on hydrating side than moisturising side. So it's best for summers for my skin (I have real dry skin). I would prefer using body butters over this in winters so I'll try out strawberry body butter for sure 🙈
Added this to my summer skin care bucket.

That's it from my side, if you have any beauty, skin care, body care, fashion, makeup products related questions then DM me on my instagram page @fashion_folktales , also follow me for staying in touch..
have a great weekend peeps !!

Monday, 20 November 2017

5 skin care products I cannot live without.

Hey folks !!
How are you all ?? I can literally feel weekend in my veins right now.. I'm super excited for this weekend, lots of shopping, lots of skin care products are going to arrive and I'm super excited to share all my views with you.
Also winters are finally coming, it's in the wind now and our skin start asking for extra care these days so I thought of sharing my favourite skin care products that I love love love using.. and I'm buying them again and again from so long. So let's get started.

1. Aloevera gel: I started using gel 6 years back, and I got so addicted. It's very effective and I love after effects. I simply wash my face with my favourite soap mostly( mentioned below) before going to bed and apply this gel all over my face and neck, it helps my skin getting calm and relaxed instantly, which helps me sleep better. My skin is acne prone, I generally get 1-2 pimples every month, and as I'm using this over years I've seen that it really helps me getting rid of pimple spot. (I never pop or poke or even touch my pimples, they come and go by themselves) that's the reason I'm still stuck with this gel. 🙈

2. Medimix soap: Honestly, this product is like holy grail for me, I had really bad skin days, my skin was highly pigmented because of sun exposure and I was using so much chemicals I guess. But making my skin care routine simple changed everything. As soon as I started using this for my face as well, it changed my skin over years. It helps healing pimples and pimple spots, for me it works like medicated soap, my skin is real sensitive and get allergies from rain water as well, so it helps me everyday keeping allergies at bay.

3. Johnson's baby's skin care products: love using baby products, be it anything, powder, lotion, oil, soap or cream. These products are extremely gentle on skin and they gives very long lasting effects. And I love versatility of each product. like oil, I use it to remove my makeup, moisture my skin after bath and sometimes before too ( in harsh winters), to diy hair serum, for creating beachy wavey hairs sometimes and so on.

4. Rose water: Its not just me, I don't think anyone can live without rose water 🙈 It's like basic requirement if you're a skin care taker ( or not).

5. Lip balm: This is also actually a basic everyday need of everyone. Well, I used and changed several lip balms over years, but nothing I found actually treated pigmented lips. I'm using eos lip balms since last two years and they are the only balms which actually worked for me. Pigmentation of my lips is a bit better now, and I hope that it gets better with time ( I'm very patient person😁)

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Lemon

Hey guys.. so like I promised to share my experience with Kara nail polish remover wipes I'm  here with review today. So firstly, this is not my 1st buy of Kara wipes, I'm using these from last 1.5years and Before that I used wipes from other local brands available in market. And I absolutely love using remover wipes, they are so easy to use and for me, I feel very heavy carrying cotton balls and remover bottle around so this is a small box with everything you need to get rid of your manicure. So Let's get into the review.


The pack contains 30 wipes and every wipe is effective in cleansing up to 10 nails!

The wipe contains an Acetone free formulation for effective removal of nail polish, even of the darkest shade. These wipes are made from poly-viscose fibre and contain natural olive oil extracts that prevents drying of nail and skin surrounding nails. Also enriched with skin nourishing vitamin E, it helps in keeping your nails nourished and moisturized at all times. All wipes come with a delightful fruity fragrance, which comes out pleasantly post usage.

This on-the-move pack has been designed for convenience of use anytime anywhere. It can be easily slipped in your bag, used in flights, classrooms, and boardrooms anywhere anytime. All our wipes are dermatologically tested, are Acetone free, Toluene free and Paraben free.

My experience : 
I simply love using these wipes, I cannot think of single con in this product as it actually does everything. I have used so many polish removers and most of them are very drying on nails which is very frustrating. These are very moisturising and you can get off every spot of polish with just one wipe. For me 1 wipe works for all my finger nails (5nails) unless it's glitter polish. Smell of wipes is very lemony and refreshing, no weird smell at all. They do not make your nail yellow which is main concern for all polish freaks. 😉 all in all, love this product and if you are thinking to buy, go for it !! 👍🏻

priced: 100Inr

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Take care !! 😊

Sunday, 1 October 2017

My favourite 5 the Face Shop face masks

I am always afraid of using new products on my skin as it is highly sensitive and I immediately get reactions but I collected all my courage and convinced myself to try out these awesome face masks from The FaceShop and they literally stole the show.

Take your skin care routine to next generation by indulging these face masks. These are highly effective, each mask has its own quality like firming, radiance, brightening, moisturising etc. But there are some traits which you will get in all masks. All face masks are moisturising and immediately makes your skin soft and silky. They are like mini spa with instant results and for me, result last for 3-4 days. I actually loved how product worked for me and I included these in my skin care kit, so I am sharing my top 5 favourites hoping this might help you choosing yours. 😊😊

1. The faceshop: Real Nature face mask lotus

So out of all this is my most favourite. This is a hydrating mask, and that actually what it did and oh so magically my skin was super hydrated and soft and glowing for next two days ☺️  You know how it feels when your skin feels extremely healthy and supple. 😉 #realhappiness #cantstoplovingmyself 😍😁

2. The faceshop: Real Nature face mask peony

Oh this one 😍 It was kind of holy grail experience, and the glow and shininess on my cheeks made me fall for this one. If you had a tiring day and have some party in evening, oh boy !! it's not gonna let you down. ( it's a radiance mask)

3. The faceshop: Real Nature face mask lily

By now, you might start thinking that I'm only naming flower masks.. and yes it's true actually, 4 out of 5 are flower masks. And they are actually heart stealing masks. So as this one, it's divinely smelling face mask which also works divinely 😉 It's brightening Face mask and yes it brighten your skin tone which i actually loved. But don't consider that it will improve your skin tone. Our skin generally tends to look dull and tired on daily basis so I think this mask brings out your actual skin tone, which gets faded because of everyday's hush hush ! Results lasted for almost 3 days.

4. The faceshop: Real Nature face mask calendula 

Sometimes pores on apple of my cheeks becomes visible, generally when I'm sweating. Rest of my face is already smooth. ( it's a smoothing mask). I tried this out after long tiring day, and this one did wonders on my skin 😍 My skin was so glossy and smooth for next couple of days. I had no idea that these masks can do wonders !!

5. The faceshop: Real Nature face mask goji berry

I am a person who keeps her skin moisturised 24*7. Honestly, what I feel is moisturising your skin is key point to keep it healthy all year long despite of seasons. So this moisturising mask is definitely my favourite as it is very important part of skin care products.

So all these 5 masks have different properties and they together works wonder on your skin. I used a mask after every 3 days and it worked pretty great for me. But apparently I quit using them as I'm very much into using natural things but I'll definitely use them when I'll need instant results. So I'm keeping these 5 in my skin care box till I need them next time.

I'll be back with my next post soon... till then.. lots of love ❤️ take care !

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